Rules for a Great Logo


A Logo is considered as the face of an organisation with a purpose to communicate visually the particular identity of a certain brand that it represents. Constructing a logo usually depends on the organisation’s design philosophy.  So, it can be made out of basic to difficult elements. But, what should be the rules to come up with a great logo.

1. Appropriate for the context

In creating your Company Logo, see to it that it fits with the goals of the organisation itself.  It must not deviate nor create confusion for the audience. The logo must be connected to the purpose of the business. It will be a mere design if it cannot find its purpose. And, it won’t make any impact if it is not relatable.

2. Memorable

It must be friendly to the memory or easy to remember and picture out. Studies frequently show that people recognise and relate to imagery faster than the text.

3. Simple

This means that your logo can work at any scale. Whether it looks tiny on mobile or the side of a building. The logo design should not be too dense, cluttered and complicated. Most successful companies have the simplest Logo Design.

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