Building a Brand Process


Creating a brand for any given purpose is like building a house, every detail either small or big should be given emphasis and following the process is a must. 




The first thing to do is to define your customer or the Discovery Stage. During this process, you have to find out the goals of why they wanted to come up with such branding. You also need to identify the pain points or knowing what are the possible challenges, not just the opportunities or potentials. Recognising your customer’s pain points is identifying the brand itself. During this stage, you need to raise multiple questions, challenge their assumptions and surface meaningful insights. By doing these, you can sum up all the information and reach with the strategies on how you can move forward. If you don’t know who your customers are, you won’t also know how to profile them. The user profile will serve as a filter reference, where people may react emotionally. 



The second process is working with a Design Team. This process is where creative brief took place. There is an urgent need to meet with the internal team and give them a high-level overview of the entire project or task. On this point of time, you will go deeper with the surface insights from the discovery or preliminary session. You have to discuss as a team the client goals, design challenges, user profile, brand attributes and the creative parameters.




The third process you should consider in building a brand is Visual Aesthetic. This is also termed as the Stylescape or a collection of images, textures and typography that uses queries to be able to look, feel and communicate. Stylescape is like mood boards taking a step further. The Stylescapes are arranged in a way that it will be sensible, edit the items individually to communicate a single vision of the idea. The Stylescape serves as the direction and augments, setting a direction at the beginning towards the same path. During the entire process, the clients need to be involved like getting their inputs/reactions and put them together.




And lastly is designing a logo. The purpose of a logo is to define not to explain. There are steps to follow on how to create a great logo; Once a logo is done; you can create mockups through printing, social media banners, business cards,

t-shirts, brochures and packaging like cans and boxes.


To be successful in anything, you need to understand the value of following the right process, the same as it goes in building your ideal Brand.

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