Who We Are

We are a tight-knit team of IT experts committed to delivering IT solutions that enable organisations New Zealand-wide to grow their businesses without ever having to worry about the usual IT concerns. Having worked in the IT industry for a combined two decades, we fully understand the importance of enhancing business processes using the best-of-breed tools and technologies specifically tailored for each of our clients.

Our Mission

To impart knowledge and expertise and to communicate to the outside world.  To drive Technology down to the areas far from civilisation. To do business that is Purpose Driven and not Money Driven.

Our Vision

A society that is not controlled by Technology. To live a balanced quality of life, regardless of age, status and, culture.

What we Do?

Our Products and Services are Branding, Digital, Motion, SEO, API, Infrastructure, Support, Business Management, and Consultancy

What we Don't Do?

We are not controlled by Technology, it is the other way around.

How we Do it?

We do it with full dedication partnered with exemplary skills on top of High-Calibre accomplishments.

Why we Do it?

Most organisations know-how what they do, how they do it, however, only a few know WHY they are doing it.

We do this for the purpose of driving the technology, empowering others to be the technology’s head and not the tail. We do this for a cause of inspiring people, connecting from inside to outside.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values serve as the blueprint of our organisation. We are ought to work, lead and
live in alignment with these values and principles.

• Engage in data analysis with honesty
• Collect information with confidentiality
• Observe objectivity in making decisions
• Understand the clients’ needs, circumstances and situation
• Willingness to listen with an open mind
• Recognise one’s differences and potentials
• Transform input into knowledge
• Possess high value of intelligence and expertise in the field
• Perceive useful ideas and tools for reinforcement
• Hate stagnancy
• Strive to move in a positive manner
• Embrace change for progress
• Consistent with the quality of performance and output
• Trustworthy due to the high amount of experience
• Dependable in gathering and examining data
• Upfront enough to speak everything beneficial
• Live on what we believe (Core Values)
• Build long-lasting commitment with consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness
• Set SMART, objective goals in meeting clients’ needs
• Have a clear picture and realise what we can achieve for the organisation
• Help to reach and execute your vision through given data
• Treat TIME as Gold (Every Minute Counts)
• Quality over Quantity in services and results
• Focus on how something is done in an efficient and effective way
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